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Afrikaaps is a collective of top musical talent from Cape Town, South Africa. Their musical theatre production, by the same name,  was nominated for several South African theatre awards, and won 2 KYKNET Fiesta awards, as well as an international prize (Keuze van de Wijkjury Amsterdam) as a result of their tour to The Netherlands in 2011.

Afrikaaps – the musical theatre production, traced the development of Afrikaans and Afrikaaps, with music  ranging from Jazz, Hiphop, Traditional, Goema and Reggae underscored with documentary video and interviews. The production was hailed as ‘ground-breaking’ not only for foregrounding the little known creole history of Afrikaans, but also for its fresh new approach multimedia performance and a new genre of documentary theatre.

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Featuring an all-star cast including composer, multi-instrumentalist, jazz prodigy KYLE SHEPHERD (musical director), vernacular spectacular rapper, poet and guitarist JITSVINGER, South African hiphop legend and cultural activist EMILE YX?, conscious soulful songstress BLAQ PEARL, B-boy rapper extraordinaire BLIKSEMSTRAAL, award winning dancer, singer and entertainer MONOX aka Moenier Adams and JETHRO LOUW  ‘plakkerskamp’ poet, Khoisan activist, traditional instrumentalist and storyteller.

Although it is a very subtle name change, Afrikaaps represents the liberation of Afrikaans from the negative stigma still associated with the language.  Afrikaaps is part of a bigger movement of efforts in South Africa to reclaim the Afrikaans language for all who speak it. Excerpts of the documentary film are included in the theatre production providing an extra layer of narration by the late Dr Neville Alexander, a proponent of a multilingual South Africa and a former revolutionary who spent ten years on Robben Island with Nelson Mandela.

Afrikaaps the documentary directed by Dylan Valley has also received widespread international exposure and recognition and has won several awards including Best Documentary film at The Cape Winelands Film Festival & Best Film at the Babel Festival in Sardinia, Italy in 2011. See more about the Documentary here.