2010 Baxter Theatre

AfriKaaps BannerWhen Afrikaaps opened in Cape Town in 2010 it was met with wide critical acclaim by the press, the production was nominated for 6 South African theatre Awards, and won 2 Kyknet Fiesta awards  for best Music driven production, and earned Monox aka Moenier Adams 2 awards for best upcoming artist for his appearance in Afrikaaps.

 ” The theatre production Afrikaaps is breathtaking in its scope and ambition. But despite the breadth of it’s vision it is spectacularly successful. ” Tyrone August – Cape Times

” The seamless mixture of video, music, dance, hip hop and poetry is an exhilarating one. Far from being a dull history lesson, this is a slick and professional celebration that is visually and artistically provocative and exciting ” Marianne Tham – Sunday Times

” Afrikaaps holds up reflectors in the form of a total submersion into a landscape that these performers have quite obviously invested in the form of their souls. This production is thoroughly engaging, funny and inexpressibly entertaining.” Rafiek Mammon – The Next 48 Hours

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This cutting-edge hiphopera looks at the language of the people of the Cape and celebrates all its different influences. The piece sets out on a mission of investigation and redefinition combining storytelling, poetry, music, video and dance to foreground the little known creole history of Afrikaans.

In South Africa, and the world over, Afrikaans is widely perceived to be a ‘white’ language and is often associated with the oppressive apartheid regime. Afrikaans actually developed as a bridging language between the Dutch (European) settlers, the original Khoi San indigenous inhabitants of the Cape and the slave population who were brought to the region by the VOC. Although it is a very subtle name change, Afrikaaps represents the liberation of Afrikaans from the negative stigma still associated with the language. Afrikaaps is part of a bigger movement of efforts in South Africa to reclaim the Afrikaans language for all who speak it.

Produced by The Glasshouse/Catherine Henegan in co-production with The Baxter Theatre and the ABSA KKNK.
The Glasshouse was structurally supported by the Netherlands Fund of Performing Arts+ and the City of Amsterdam from 2009 – 2012

Cast Blaq Pearl, Emile Jansen, Jitsvinger, Kyle Shepherd, Moenier Adams, Charl van der Westhuizen, Shane Cooper & Jethro Louw
Directed by Catherine Henegan
Dramaturg Aryan Kaganof
Video Dylan Valley
Lighting Design Jantje Geldof