Photo by Ference Isaacs

Known as a South African Hip Hop B-Boy Pioneer, Activist, Author, MC, Writer, Skater, teacher, creator of Events like African Battle Cry, African Hip Hop Indaba. Emile YX? Jansen, BLACK NOISE and Heal the Hood are all incarnations of Emile’s tireless work as a conscious hip hop artist and cultural activist on the Cape Flats. He and these initiatives are synonymous with Hip Hop in the Cape. Best known as a dancer and rapper, Emile has also published several books, including “My Hip Hop is African and Proud”.  Taking things to the next level Emile ran for office in  local government elections and can also now be seen on ETV in SA as a judge in the street dance reality show, “Step Up or Step Out”. Emile also appears in Heal the Hoods new documentary called “From B-Boys to Being Men”, created by him, his brother, Tanswell Jansen and friend Jolene Cartmill.