Photo by Aryan Kaganof

‘Plakkerskamp poet’, story-teller, sculptor and visual artist, indigenous music improviser, instrument maker, Khoesan cultural activist and community worker. Jethro writes and performs in Afrikaans and English and forms part of the Khoi Khonexxion, a group of poets and musicians brought together by their Hottentot heritage and desire to rewrite the distorted representation of the their people and their culture. Jethro has performed at host of events and festival both in South Africa and internationally including: The Wondergigs , Urban Voices , Grahamstown Word Festival, Riddu- Riddu Fest, Norway and Taiwan Migration Music Fest. In 2011 Jethro also collaborated with Catherine Henegan on an tour performance of the Cape Town City station entitled 1st Class Treasures – which was part of the Infecting the City – Cape Town 2011.